Is your IVR system continuously delivering the expected customer experience?

If you aren’t automatically monitoring your voice system’s performance on a continuous basis, it’s likely that 3 to 10% of your customers are experiencing issues like:

Lengthy prompt delays, garbled audio, incorrect prompts, data-dip problems, busy signals etc.

TekVision’s Monitoring-Testing service uses our automated testing platform (AIMT) to place calls into your IVR environment. Our service tests any IVR / voice system, including: Cisco, Genesys, Avaya, Interactive Intelligence, Nuance and other platforms. Major features include:

  • End-to-end customer experience performance monitoring-testing using whatever schedule best meets your requirements (e.g. 24x7)

  • Touch-tone and speech applications testing using speech recognition, text-to-speech and DTMF

  • Email & voice alerts for immediate notification of customer experience performance issues

  • Easy-to-use reports provide macro view of test results to pinpoint problem trends and patterns

  • Diagnostic tools and call recordings to support speedy problem identification and resolution

TekVision’s Monitoring-Testing service will enable you to identify and resolve customer experience problems faster to minimize impacts to your customer and your contact center.

IVR Customer experience performance assessment

Peak-load IVR performance assessment

Sustained low volume voice system testing

IVR applications, agent and email routing, custom reports

Continuous IVR Customer Experience monitoring