Load Testing

Does your IVR system deliver the expected customer experience during peak call volumes?

If you’re planning significant upgrades to your IVR, telecom infrastructure or data-dip systems … you want to ensure that they will deliver a good customer experience during your busiest hours.

TekVision’s Load testing service will help to de-risk your projects by thoroughly testing your voice systems and identifying performance issues so they can be fixed before you implement major upgrades.

We’ll design a Load test to meet your specific needs. Our automated testing platform (AIMT) will place 1000’s of calls into your IVR environment to simulate busy hour call volumes.

Our testing team, in conjunction with our partners, will analyze the Load test results and provide you with a report which:
  • Identifies types and frequency of customer experience issues encountered

  • Delivers detailed test results, call logs and recordings to assist in proactively resolving problems

  • Enables you to determine if your voice system meets its performance objectives under peak load

Our proven, best practices load testing methodology and expertise, will give you confidence that your voice systems will deliver the expected customer experience during peak call volumes.

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