Health Checks

Is your IVR system currently delivering the expected customer experience?

If you aren’t automatically monitoring your voice system’s performance on a continuous basis, a Health Check is likely to show that 3 to 10% of your customers are experiencing issues like

Lengthy prompt delays, garbled audio, incorrect prompts, data-dip problems, busy signals etc

TekVision’s Health Check service uses our automated testing platform (AIMT) to place calls into your IVR environment. Our system tests designated call paths for a limited period of time to determine if your system is delivering the expected customer experience.

Our testing specialists, in conjunction with our partners, analyze your Health Check test results and provide you with a report which identifies:
  • A base-line assessment of your system’s customer experience performance

  • Types of issues encountered in the Health Check

  • When and how often these issues occurred

  • Recommendations

Health Checks provide a quick, cost effective assessment of your system’s customer experience performance.

And our Health Check report and test results will enable your Business, IT and Telecom teams to prioritize and resolve problems faster in order to minimize the impact on your customers and your contact center.


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