Functional testing

Have your IVR applications, routing and reports been thoroughly tested?

Voice systems play a vital role in supporting customer contact centers. These systems require regular changes to ensure they are up-to-date, accurate and reliable. These changes often introduce customer experience problems.

Thorough testing of new applications and changes to existing systems is critical for a good customer experience.

Our automated testing platform (AIMT) supports rigorous testing, while reducing costs and cycle times.

Our Functional testing service delivers the following benefits to our customers and partners:
  • Speed

    Rapid test case development, functional testing, problem identification & resolution throughout your development and QA cycles

  • Flexibility

    Test any type of voice system, any time, any location

  • Comprehensive

    Thorough, consistent, accurate end-to-end customer experience testing

  • Operational benefits

    Good quality customer experience supports more self-serve and reduced zero-outs

Our best practices functional testing methodology and expertise, will give you confidence that your IVR system, routing and reports have been thoroughly tested.

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Sustained low volume voice system testing

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