Regression Testing

Comprehensive customer experience testing for software and system updates

Ensure the timely success of major upgrades and updates with automated Regression Testing.

Does manual testing cause you to miss a lot of CX issues, put you behind schedule and increase costs, thereby causing negative effects to your bottom line? If so, Lens Regression Testing allows you to thoroughly test your systems and obtain clear-cut, actionable results no matter how large or small the change to your customer experience.

Regression Testing identifies issues like:

  • Invalid IVR prompts or call flows
  • Call routing problems
  • Incorrect language treatment
  • Data dip problems
  • Audio quality issues
Regression Testing supports your successful CX software updates and infrastructure upgrades

High-value, time-saving regression testing for production cutover success.

TekVision’s Regression Testing solution uses our cloud-based Lens platform to validate hundreds or thousands of call paths within your IVR and NLU systems to ensure your system is delivering the requisite customer experience prior to software updates and infrastructure upgrades.

Discover the advantage of these key Lens Regression Testing solution features:

Quick Implementation

Our cloud-based Lens solutions enable speedy implementation while requiring minimal customer time and effort.

High Value

TekVision's Lens solutions offer high value at affordable, competitive prices.

Flexible Execution

Customizable to handle thousands of multilingual call flow scenarios.

Technology Compatible

Tests any cloud or premise-based IVR/NLU contact center platform and back-end system.

Speedy  Results

Rapid problem identification and detailed, actionable test results enable your team to fix problems proactively and quickly.

Lens Platform - automated contact center technology testing solutions

Regression Testing reduces the risks and time involved with updates and upgrades.

Delivering a consistent, high-quality customer experience requires keeping your systems and infrastructure as up-to-date as possible. The integrity of your system’s performance and interactions with software and technologies can be negatively affected by even the smallest update. Lens Regression testing brings potential problems into focus so you can easily address them before production cutovers, ensuring successful, on-schedule rollouts.

  • Streamline software update and upgrade activities
  • Enable proactive problem resolution during sprints and before production cutovers
  • Facilitate thorough accurate QA testing
  • Accelerate timelines for testing and changes
  • Increase change management effectiveness
  • Improve software lifecycle management

Case Study

Discover how Lens Regression Testing can help you reduce the time and cost involved with verifying contact center technology upgrades and infrastructure improvements.

Transporation case study

Regression Testing reduces testing time by over 90% for Transportation organization.

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