TekVision has partnered with Bell Canada since 1995 to deliver contact center expertise and testing services to its customers. Bell uses TekVision’s testing expertise and AIMT Service to deliver load testing, monitoring-testing and other testing services to its enterprise customers to improve the customer experience and availability of their contact center systems.


TekVision began its strategic relationship with Nuance and its advanced speech technologies in 2001. Since that time, we have integrated Nuance’s products into our AIMT Service to deliver state-of-the art speech recognition and text-to-speech testing capabilities to our customers and partners.


Our partnership with Connex leverages their extensive experience designing, developing and deploying communications & contact center solutions, and, TekVision’s industry leading AIMT Service and testing expertise, to improve customer experience & performance for contact center systems.


Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software plays a critical role in modern contact center operations. Our testing services often involves technologies in this sector. Our experience and expertise in this area have led to a strong partnership with Upstream Works, a reputable Canadian CTI software company.