Load Testing

High volume performance testing for your contact center systems.

Planned, proactive load testing for your operational peace of mind.

Are you planning significant upgrades to your cloud or premise-based systems? Is a high call volume business cycle just around the corner? Have your contact center systems and back-ends experienced major performance issues in the past?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the above questions, our Lens Load Testing service can significantly reduce the risk and operational expense of costly CX performance issues by identifying critical issues and providing test results and data that enable your team to proactively resolve problems before they impact your customers.  

Load Testing identifies issues like:

  • Lengthy delays
  • Voice quality issues
  • Telco Issues
  • Network problems
  • Data dip troubles
Load testing for CX technical assurance at peak call volume

Convenient, dependable contact center and back-end performance testing.

TekVision’s Lens Load Testing solution is a highly scalable, cloud-based testing platform that places 1000s of calls into your contact center environment. Lens is fully capable of testing all IVR, NLU voice systems including Genesys, NICE, Avaya, Amazon, 5Nines, Cisco and more.

Discover the advantage of these key Lens Load Testing solution features:

Quick Implementation

Our cloud-based Lens solutions enable speedy implementation while requiring minimal customer time and effort.

High Value

TekVision's Lens solutions offer high value at affordable, competitive prices.

Flexible Execution

Thorough high-volume load performance testing at a time that best meets your needs, including overnight and weekends.

Lens Platform of CX Testing solutions offer flexibility

Call Routing Flexibility

Extensible routing options for SIP-based (Session Initiation Protocol) calls.

Technology Compatible

Tests any cloud or premise-based contact center platform and back-end system.

Speedy Results

Rapid problem identification and detailed test results enable your team to fix problems proactively and quickly.

Lens Platform - automated contact center technology testing solutions

Load Testing significantly reduces the risk of CX issues during peak traffic hours.

Your clients expect a consistent, high quality customer experience when interacting with your contact center. The performance of your systems can be jeopardized and severely stressed during high call volume business cycles and major upgrades to your cloud or premise-based systems. Professionally designed Lens Load Testing solutions can significantly reduce the risk and impact of performance-related CX issues on your contact center operations and your customers.

  • Identify critical contact center system and network bottlenecks
  • Enable proactive problem resolution before cutovers and peak calling periods
  • Significantly reduce time-to-resolve problems
  • Boost self-serve while reducing both call-handling time and costs
  • Consistently deliver an outstanding customer experience

Case Study

Discover how Lens Load Testing can help you proactively pinpoint and rectify performance problems to improve your contact center operations.

Insurance Case Study - Load Testing

Lens Load Testing ensures smooth cutover to hybrid cloud/premise environment for industry-leading insurance company.

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