Lens Automated Voice Testing

Customer experience testing for your IVR, NLU and UC systems

Designed to emulate human interactions with all voice-based contact center systems

Whether your contact center technology is cloud-based or on-premise, you know how important it is to ensure your technology and infrastructure operates as expected.

TekVision's Lens Voice Testing platform provides the right solutions to thoroughly monitor and test your interactive voice response (IVR), natural language understanding (NLU) and unified communications (UC) systems.

From baseline snapshots to ongoing monitoring and testing solutions, Lens delivers detailed, actionable data that allows you to rectify problematic CX issues swiftly so you can deliver a positive customer experience with confidence.


Lens Automated Voice Testing enables you to:

  • Identify and fix CX issues to achieve an improved NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Remove prohibitive costs and inaccuracy of manual testing
  • Greatly reduce time-to-resolution and prevent critical outages
  • Obtain technical insights to facilitate seamless migrations
  • Capture actionable data for change management


Automated, scalable, multilingual CX testing and monitoring capabilities.
Swift testing, problem identification and insights to rapidly resolve issues.
Thorough, consistent and accurate IVR, NLU and UC assessments.
Key insights to boost operational performance and improve service quality.
Flexibility to test every type of voice system, anywhere, anytime (24x7).

Our Solutions

CX Monitoring

CX Monitoring

Quickly identify and resolve customer experience problems for production voice systems

Our automated CX Monitoring solution provides an ongoing accurate view of your technology's performance from a customer perspective. This provides operational peace of mind and means you can keep your focus on the most important aspect of your business—building and maintaining positive customer relationships.

Load Testing

Assess your contact center infrastructure to verify that it performs well at peak volumes.

Your contact center systems handle substantial traffic during the most hectic business cycles. Understanding how well your contact center technology handles peak-volume traffic is incredibly important to delivering a positive customer experience. Our Lens Load Testing solution provides actionable insights that enable you to assess your system's performance during high call volumes so you can proactively resolve issues and significantly reduce the risk of service-impacting problems.

Load Testing
Regression Testing reduces the the time of manual testing

Regression Testing

Thoroughly test IVR/NLU changes prior to
production cutovers.

As technology changes at ever-increasing speeds, ensuring your systems stay up-to date can make or break your ability to deliver a high-quality customer experience. Manual testing during key phases of software updates and infrastructure upgrades can easily delay rollout timelines and introduce unwanted CX issues. Our Lens Regression Testing solution reduces testing time significantly and provides thorough accurate testing to facilitate successful production cutovers.

Health Checks

Benchmark CX performance vs your competitors

Health Checks provide baseline snapshots of your contact center systems to benchmark your CX performance versus your competitors. Arming yourself with this important data allows you to proactively identify and resolve CX issues and boost your NPS.

Health Checks provide a baseline performance snapshot vs your competitors

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