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TekVision's Lens Action Center is intuitively designed to be the visual hub for your CX Monitoring test results including user definable dashboards, detailed reports, plus audio captures of interactions between our CX Monitoring solution and your contact center systems.

Lens Action Center is also capable of sending prompt email and SMS alerts to your team and key system integration partners, ensuring issues can be identified and addressed in a timely fashion. Macro-view reporting capabilities also enable you to obtain specific details as to how, when and where issues are occurring across your contact center technology and infrastructure.


Lens Action Center delivers:

  • Macro view dashboard results
  • Real-time email and SMS alerts
  • User-friendly desktop and mobile interfaces
  • Audio captures in .wav format
  • Detailed test results
  • Permissions based on desired access levels
Lens Action Center provides Macro view dashboard results for CX Monitoring.

Macro view dashboard results

Whether you need a top-level dashboard view to assess trends in quality assurance, or a close-up snapshot of specific issues, TekVision's Lens Action Center displays test results in easy-to-understand reports so you can keep your sights set on turning results into action for an improved customer experience.

Real-time email and SMS alerts

Knowing exactly when your customers experience problems while interacting with your contact center technologies can be difficult if you rely on manual CX testing and monitoring. With Lens Action Center, real-time email and SMS alerts mean immediate notification, allowing prompt problem identification and resolution.

Lens Action Center sends real-time email and SMS alerts
Lens Action Center provides Macro view dashboard results for CX Monitoring.

An intuitive, user-friendly interface

Lens Action Center uses a streamlined, user-friendly UI (user interface) through which authorized users can quickly and easily review and analyze the collected data. Whether you need to review test cases for accuracy or view the detailed test results and reports, every important detail can be easily accessed and understood so you can swiftly determine necessary actions for correction.

Audio captures in .wav format

TekVision’s Lens Platform stores audio wave files (.wav) for voice test calls that connect with your system. This ensures that when a test call encounters an issue in your system, you can review the audio capture to verify its correctness and quickly identify where and when incorrect prompts, poor audio quality or other issues occur.

Lens Action Center wave audio capture
Lens Action Center provides detailed CX Monitoring test results

Detailed test results

TekVision's Lens Action Center displays a complete set of CX monitoring test results for the LOB’s and timeframes selected by the user. Whether those results are positive or negative, the detailed data for every test case selected is made available so you can act quickly to reduce problematic outcomes and correct experience-affecting issues.

Permissions based on desired access levels

In many cases where contact center technology is utilized, it's common for organizations to partner with system integrators (SIs) who install, manage and support infrastructure, hardware and software that's integral to providing a solid customer experience. Lens Action Center allows you to set permissions based on required access levels, allowing your SIs to view relevant reports and receive alerts, which supports prompt troubleshooting and resolution.

Lens Action Center access permissions

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Comprehensive, scalable, high-value CX testing and monitoring to ensure your contact center systems are operating as expected.

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Accurately assess performance of your contact center's infrastructure at peak load.

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