Health Checks

CX performance benchmarking for your contact center systems and networks

Automated CX assessments for operational peace of mind

Do you have a baseline snapshot of your CX performance to benchmark your contact center systems vs best practices? If not, matching or exceeding the performance of your competitors may be impossible because you have no way of confidently ascertaining the performance of your systems.

Health Checks provide actionable snapshots and insights into your system’s CX performance so you can benchmark against your competition.

Health Checks identify intermittent issues like:

  • Lengthy delays
  • Garbled audio
  • Incorrect prompts
  • Data dip troubles
  • Busy signals
  • Network issues
Lens Health Checks provide a baseline snapshot to benchmark performance vs your competitors

Convenient, Compatible, Extensible IVR, NLU, and UC Testing

TekVision's CX Health Checks use our cloud-based Lens platform to place calls directly into your contact center environment. Lens is capable of testing all contact center systems including Genesys, NICE, Avaya, Amazon, 5Nines, Cisco, and more.

Discover the advantage of these key Lens Health Checks solution features.

Quick Implementation

Our cloud-based Lens solutions enable speedy implementation while requiring minimal customer time and effort.

High Value

TekVision's Lens solutions offer high value at affordable, competitive prices.

Flexible Execution

Thorough end-to-end customer experience Health Checks on a schedule that best meets your requirements.

Technology Compatible

Tests any touch-tone or speech application, using DTMF signaling, speech recognition, and text-to-speech technology.

Benchmark Assessment

TekVision provides a detailed report and recommendations for every CX Health Checks to identify the types of issues encountered and how your CX performance compares to your competitors.

Healthy CX performance leads to positive customer experiences

The ability to provide valuable insights into the health and performance of your contact center systems can be a useful resource for improving your operations. Being able to benchmark your IVR, NLU, and UC system performance against your competitors can give you a significant boost to delivering a more positive experience to your valued customers.

  • Identify and fix CX issues to achieve an improved NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Boost self-serve while reducing both call-handling time and costs
  • Identify and resolve Toll-Free network problems

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