CX Monitoring

Quality assurance testing for your contact center systems

Automated CX Monitoring for operational peace of mind

Do you have automatic CX monitoring in place for your IVR, NLU, UC and chatbot systems? If not, based on TekVision's decades of experience, every customer call has up to a 10% chance of experiencing business-affecting issues.

Automated monitoring and testing reduces the guess-work and time-investment associated with manual tests, and ensures the swift identification and correction of common technology issues.

CX Monitoring identifies CX issues like:

  • Lengthy delays
  • Dropped calls
  • Incorrect prompts
  • Data dip troubles
  • Garbled audio

Convenient, Compatible, Extensible IVR, NLU, UC and Chatbot Testing

TekVision’s CX Monitoring solution uses our cloud-based Lens platform to place calls directly into your contact center environment. Lens is fully capable of testing all IVR, NLU voice systems including Genesys, NICE, Avaya, Amazon, 5Nines, Cisco, and more.

Discover the advantage of these key Lens CX Monitoring solution features.

Quick Implementation

Our cloud-based Lens solutions enable speedy implementation while requiring minimal customer time and effort.

High Value

TekVision's Lens solutions offer high value at affordable, competitive prices.

Flexible Execution

Thorough end-to-end customer experience performance monitoring and testing on a schedule that best meets your needs, including 24x7.

Technology Compatible

Tests any touch-tone and speech application, using DTMF signaling, speech recognition, and text-to-speech technology.

Speedy Results

Rapid problem identification and resolution using comprehensive diagnostic tools and call recordings.

Timely Alerts

Receive immediate email, SMS or voice-alerts when customer experience issues are identified.

Clear-cut Reporting

View test results and easily pinpoint problematic patterns and trends using straightforward macro-view and drill-down reports.

CX assurance leads to happy customers

Circumventing operational pitfalls associated with coordinating funding, time, and personnel for manual monitoring and testing can greatly impact your bottom line. The ability to identify issues in a timely fashion, gain detailed and actionable insights allows you to focus on the customer-side of your operations and less about what's going on inside your system.

  • Real-time identification of critical CX issues
  • Reduce trouble resolution from days/weeks to minutes/hours
  • Up to 90% reduction in CX issues from baseline results
  • Boost self-serve while reducing both call-handling time and costs
  • Consistently deliver an outstanding customer experience

Case Study

Discover how Lens CX Monitoring can help you target and rectify problems and improve your contact center operations.

CX Monitoring Improves IVR Performance for Renowned Telecommunications Company

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