Transportation Case Study

Company Profile

One of Canada’s largest transportation organizations oversees and maintains transit operations for millions of metropolitan commuters. With such a large customer base, a sophisticated reliable Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system is necessary to manage thousands of daily calls to their contact center.

Insurance Case Study - CX Load Testing for migration support

A costly, time-consuming process

The Customer’s IVR applications provide an integral service to commuters by providing important bus and rail scheduling information that is clear, precise and concise—in both English and French. Over the past decade, The Customer has implemented a series of upgrades to their contact center infrastructure and IVR applications, requiring extensive testing to verify that everything was working properly.

Due to the scope and breadth of their speech-enabled IVR applications, upgrades require multiple rounds of thorough, rapid testing to quickly identify and resolve customer experience issues. They needed a way to test service upgrades swiftly to assure successful, timely implementations.

Regression Testing reduces the the time of manual testing

A cost effective multilingual testing solution

TekVision has been retained on multiple occasions to deliver Regression Testing solutions to meet their specific requirements. TekVision developed a suite of approximately 1000 Lens Regression Test cases to thoroughly validate the English and French call paths for The Customer’s IVR Applications. The test cases were executed at key intervals throughout the development phases of each major upgrade.

The modern, time- and resources-saving approach

TekVision’s Lens Regression Testing solution reduced the time involved for completing each round of tests by more than 90% compared to traditional manual testing. This facilitated quick and efficient resolution of CX issues and enabled The Customer to implement multiple upgrades on-schedule and with high confidence that their IVR applications had been thoroughly and reliably tested.

What this customer had to say about TekVision:

Working with TekVision has been a great experience. Their testing team is incredible and we’ll continue to call upon them for future Regression, Load and Failover Testing.