Telecommunications Case Study

Company Profile

One of North America’s largest telecom enterprises provides mobile, telephone, internet, and television services to over 11 million consumer, business, and government clients. The company has a large, sophisticated contact center infrastructure, fielding millions of customer sales and service calls every year.

The Need for Reliability

The Customer’s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system was operating without an efficient or automated way to test and monitor customer experience. Due to a high volume of customer concerns over quality of service, they knew something had to be done. With no clear way to focus on problem areas in their system, they approached TekVision about their need to reliably identify problematic CX issues, trends, and patterns within their infrastructure.

A pro-active testing solution

TekVision was tasked to implement its Lens CX Monitoring solution to regularly test the IVR call flows of several LOBs (Lines of Business) within the organization. TekVision quickly and proactively identified key issues, including invalid IVR prompts, prolonged delays and garbled audio delivery.

Achieving the goal of improved CX

Findings from automated CX Monitoring revealed that contact center operations were experiencing a 5–6% error rate over the first month, resulting in a 2-star rating. The Customer used TekVision’s Lens Action Center results to clearly pinpoint and resolve their Customer Experience issues. Over the following two months, error rates were reduced to 2–4%, improving their rating to 3-stars.

With the continued support of TekVision’s Lens CX Monitoring solution, The Customer subsequently reduced customer experience issues to less than 2%, consistently achieving 4- and 5-star ratings and delivering a much better customer experience.

What this customer had to say about TekVision:

Over the years TekVision has consistently provided excellent service and high value to our team. Their CX Monitoring service has helped us to quickly pinpoint and resolve customer experience problems on our IVR systems. We really appreciate the fact that TekVision invests the time to fully understand our business and technical requirements, and consistently looks for innovative, cost effective ways to meet our needs.