Insurance Case Study

Company Profile

One of the largest global insurance and financial planning organizations has been supporting the long-term health and financial security of their clients for over 100 years. Delivering a large and diverse portfolio of services to so many customers requires a robust and sophisticated contact center operation to handle millions of calls, annually.

Insurance Case Study - CX Load Testing for migration support

Migrational Challenges

Historically, The Customer used on-premises contact center systems to support their Lines of Business (LOB), but was transitioning to a more robust CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) solution. Migrating IVR applications to cloud-based technology is a complex process, especially while continuing to operate LOBs via premise-based legacy systems.

Having experienced issues during previous configuration changes, The Customer wanted to assess the system performance under high call volumes for their first LOB migration before going live. As a result, The Customer asked TekVision to load test the first LOB on the new configuration.

Load Testing

A Custom Load Testing Solution

Based on business requirements, operational criteria and desired outcomes, TekVision designed and delivered a 500-port Load Test to proactively identify and resolve any performance problems with the new technology before cutover.

The Benchmark for Future Migrations

The Lens Load Test measured the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and reported an excellent 4-star voice quality rating. However, with more than 8% of all test calls encountering telco, latency and other problems, a 1-star CX performance rating was reported. The Customer used TekVision’s test results to resolve these problems prior to cutover, thereby reducing overall CX issues to less than 2% of calls to achieve a 4-star rating.

Due to the success of the Lens Load Testing solution in assuring a successful cutover, and a desire to reduce business and operational risks, The Customer decided to use Lens Load Testing to assess system performance for all future LOB migrations. As a result, all LOB’s were successfully migrated to the new CCaaS environment with minimal disruption and 4-star plus ratings.

Load Testing supports a healthy CX migration