Customer Experience Excellence for Contact Centers

Innovative, high value CX testing solutions to elevate your contact center's operational performance.

Lens allows you to focus on what matters most, your customers.

Lens is an automated CX testing platform designed to deliver actionable insights into the health and performance of your contact center environment. Lens helps you quickly identify and resolve problem areas to achieve and maintain an outstanding customer experience.

Our Lens Solutions

Comprehensive, scalable, high-value CX testing and monitoring to ensure your contact center systems are operating as expected.

Quickly identify and resolve customer experience problems for production voice and digital systems.

Load Testing

Accurately assess performance of your contact center's infrastructure at peak load.

Thoroughly test IVR/NLU call flows and responses prior to software updates and cutovers.

Deliver baseline assessment of your production system's customer experience.




Rapid implementation, testing, problem identification & resolution


Test any type of voice or chatbot system, any time, any location


Thorough, consistent, proven, accurate testing

High Value

Affordable, competitively priced services

Operational Benefits

High quality CX supports more self-serve & reduced operational costs

Case Studies

See how Lens can improve your contact center's customer experience.

Transportation Case Study

Regression Testing substantially reduces testing time for transportation organization: Discover how Lens Regression Testing can help you target and rectify problems to improve your contact center technology migrations and upgrades.


Insurance Case Study

Lens Load Testing ensures smooth cutover to hybrid cloud/premise environment for industry-leading insurance company: Discover how Lens Load Testing can help you proactively pinpoint and rectify performance problems to improve your contact center operations.


Telecommunications Case Study

CX Monitoring Improves IVR Performance for Renowned Telecommunications Company: Discover how Lens CX Monitoring can help you target and rectify problems and improve your contact center operations.


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